Do you like wood?

So do we.

That’s why in Quebec, this essential renewable resource is managed with great care.

Wood is everywhere

And we do mean everywhere

From the framing of our homes to our furniture and goods...

... Like paper, cardboard and bathroom products

Chaise Adirondak en bois
Table en bois
Lampe en bois
Guitare acoustique en bois
Batte de Baseball
Feuille de papier
Patte à dents

Every tree that’s grown to make these products is used in its entirety

How are these trees used?

42 % construction wood

Boards, beams, planks

38 % wood shavings

Paper, newspaper, cardboard, tissue paper, bathroom tissue

10 % sawdust

Composite boards (MDF, HDF), pellets

10 % bark

Used for burning

Fighting climate change

Wood is a massive ally!

PLanète Terre
clouds ecorce nature

Forests absorb millions of tonnes of CO2. They capture the carbon, then release the oxygen into the atmosphere.


Carbon stays trapped in the wood after it’s been captured and transformed. The structure of an average-size house contains about 29 tonnes of CO2!


Forests regenerate. Trees absorb and store more greenhouse gases when they’re growing.

This is an endless cycle that mitigates the effects of climate change.

Sustainable management

Sustainable development principles are used to manage the forests:

We meticulously plan the harvest, follow up on interventions and plant new trees as needed.

The yearly harvest in public forests represents 0.2 % of the forest land in Quebec.

80 % of our forests regenerate naturally.

130 million trees are planted every year to support forest renewal.

In Quebec, nothing’s left to chance. We take great care of our forests, because just like you, we love wood!